About Us

DJR Audio, Est. 2016, is a small audio software development business driven with the aim of providing useful, efficient and (above all else) musical tools for integration into your D.A.W. of choice. Our current model and plan is to create freeware audio plugins for VST hosts and, with your own kindness, generate as much revenue as possible to make worthwhile donations to Macmillan Cancer Support.


Here at DJR Audio our days are consumed by experimenting with and analysing DSP algorithms in MATLAB and Octave, modelling unique circuit designs in various SPICE programs, and attempting to optimise C++ code for the deployment of CPU and memory efficient binaries. We aim to create our software using Open Source frameworks and tools: RackAFX for prototyping, WDL-OL and JUCE for cross-platform deployment, and a bunch of fair-licensed DSP libraries for the stuff we don't yet understand! It's all math, electrical and software engineering, and most of the time our heads are ruined by it! We've come to learn that coffee is our friend!


We understand that most producers are of the bedroom variety and can't afford the tools necessary to compete with the rich and famous. We also understand that the internet is awash with (dun dun durrrrn!) cracked commercial software that'll potentially harm or infect a clean system, offers no support or updates, and yields a less than acceptable stability and quality due to hijacked and manipulated code. In our opinion, some of these "cracking groups" are reasonable, honest and have good intentions, whilst others are definitely not to be trusted. Regardless of what we think, reverse engineering exists and it's prolific. Our support does not lie with such groups, but instead goes towards the companies and businesses working hard and trying to make a living. Software engineering and DSP is not easy and they deserve our respect! Having said that, we offer something different: a means to own software capable of competing sonically with the commercial big boys, and for nothing more than the click of a button! We disagree with current subscription models in which nothing is actually owned, and acknowledge that paying a monthly fee for a toolbox that'll largely go unused is silly. We also disagree with copy protection systems, encryption methods, and call-home mechanisms which simply do not offer any real piracy protection, bloats the software, and will ultimately cause your system to be react sluggishly; surplus code, additional drivers, congested USB ports and unnecessary protocols are not what you need to make music! We offer freeware because we can. It's our joy and we hope our plugins are useful additions to your palette of tools.


Anyhoos, that's enough gibberish for now... Nothing more to say than we love audio, synthesis, analogue and digital, and everything in between. Huzzah! I'm off to make a brew! Enjoy our site!


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